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haven harvest

est. 2018



Chung and Jean Kan created Haven Harvest, since March 2018, to fulfill their curiosity... and to take on an opportunity. With an outcome of different circumstances, they became homebodies with a desire of starting something new, something that would meet the needs of their young family while also serving the community around them. The idea of gardening was always more of a hobby and a way to have fresh food accessible for themselves, but the realization of what it can be on a slightly larger scale came through from a friend's proposition. It is then they've learned about an extremely sustainable way of farming, which can happen in the very suburban neighbourhood they live in - the miniature and humble (yet mighty) microgreens.

With the flexibility of having this micro-farm situated inside their home, especially with the long winters in Ottawa, to be able to grow these tiny-sized produce all year long was both intriguing and practicable. Through subscription-based deliveries, supplying to local restaurants and caterers, as well as participating in several farmers markets, they were able to dive into serving the people around them. As each spring and summer comes around, the backyard garden creates even more opportunity to expand their farming, with young and matured vegetables coming up from the earth, alongside their inquisitive children watching them all grow. Never too young to teach the importance of sustainability.

Just as significant as growing food, making food is also high on the list of their favourite thing to do. There's something to be said when the joy of sharing meals bring people closer together, and creating food that others can enjoy generate a great sense of community. After all, sharing is caring! It is in such philosophy that they'd like to share a few of their favourite recipes through Haven Harvest's specialty food offerings. From our home to yours!

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