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Who We Are

We are urban farmers in the suburb of Barrhaven in Ottawa, Ontario who grows microgreens indoors all year around and baby veggies in our garden during the warmer months. Our goal is to provide great tasting and nutritious vegetables to families around our neighbourhood through subscriptions, local restaurants and farmers markets. We will also be selling homemade specialty foods such as kimchi and other pickled items at the farmers market.

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Haven Harvest

Microgreens, Baby Veggies and Specialty Foods

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Small in size but full of flavour and texture, not to mention highly nutritious! Explore the many different varieties of microgreens and find out what makes them special.


Meet the faces behind Haven Harvest

Chung & Jean

Farming seems so foreign to us when we were younger. In our minds, the concept of farming was always in the countryside, where acres and acres of land filled with rows upon rows of vegetables growing, with tractors and farm animals, and somehow it'll just end up at the grocery stores where we'd go buy the food we'd eat. It had never occurred to us that city dweller like us could even be involved in growing our own produce...


Fast forward to a few of years ago, now armed with a decent sized backyard at our new suburban home in Barrhaven, the idea of a small garden was planted in our minds. Slowly, as we learned the beauty of growing vegetables for fun in small deck planters turned into a larger project. Bigger planter boxes now occupy at least half of our backyard, with dreams of fruit trees and bee-attracting flowers that would encourage our plants to pollinate and to grow in abundance. Gardening isn't just for farmers in the countryside anymore, we are doing it too! With that in mind, our interest slowly became a passion, but what could this passion be translated into?

After different circumstances in 2017, both of us were left with the need of pondering about potential new career paths. With three wonderful children in our house, how could we

make the most out of our time together and still provide for the family? After pondering for a while, we turned our attention to that passion of gardening again... and in a lightbulb moment, we dreamed up a life as urban farmers! In the following weeks, we did some further research through various books and online resources that gave us hope of making it a reality, and the thought of working on our own hours would ever be so valuable to the family while being able to teach a great lesson to our children of serving our community.

So here we are, on our little adventure as urban farmers. We hope to be able to get involved in our neighbourhood (and beyond) by providing nutritious and delicious produce to you and your family. We have much to learn and are eager to meet with the people around us, we hope you will support local businesses and enjoy produce that is freshly grown right where you and I live!

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Haven Harvest

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